Not intentionally neglecting this thing. Just never get around to it. Here’s a quickie. I last ran my automobile in late Sep or early Oct of 2008. I hadn’t really run it very much in 2008 but I took it for a bit of a cruise to a golf outing to give it a little exercise. The battery was dead then when I went to start it. I put a charge on the battery and she started right up. Picked up one of the usual suspects and headed for the golf course. Played the round and stopped for gas leaving the course. Parked the car in the garage when I got home and when I tried to start it a week later, nothing, flat as a pancake. Put it on the charger again and this time no amount of charging would let me start it. A couple weeks later I got around to buying a new battery for it and then didn’t get it out of the garage again for the remainder of 2008. Nor did I get it out in all of 2009. No reason, just never got around to it. Now this past week the weather has been pretty good here so I’ve been doing some yard work and going in and out of the garage. It occurred to me after stepping over all the things I’d just been pitching in there for the last year that the garage needed a cleaning. Since the car hadn’t moved since 2008 it had gradually been surrounded by things. I knew it would be easier to clean with the car out. I also knew I hadn’t actually tried to start it with the new battery that I’d installed 18 months earlier and that it too would probably need a charge. So I hooked it up this afternoon and left it to drink electricity for a bit. Went out about 7 this evening and turned it over. I didn’t clean the garage but I did discover that I’d only put about 48 miles on the trip odometer since the last fill up. Anybody want to buy 20 gallons of 18 months old gas?


  1. Alright, I thought we talked about this. You were going to put in some extra returns for me on these posts so they’re not one huge block of gray text.

    Can you throw me a bone, here?

    Do you have two cars — one you drive all the time and one you drive once a year or so? How can you give up that precious real estate in your garage? Is this thing a vintage something or other?

    I cannot imagine having a vehicle sit in my garage (even though I don’t have one — garage *or* extra vehicle) for that long. I’d want it out after about four weeks.

  2. I did actually hit the return after each line, however… when I initially posted it, the result was odd. It was like there was an overlap of two words for each line that would post directly beneath the line and then it would leave a space between the lines…throught out the post. My immediate reaction was “wtf?”, except I actually said the words and not the letters. I don’t know if it’s some kind of font size issue within the wordpress margins or what the deal is. I just ripped out the stitches and decided I’d try it again next time.
    And yes I drive my pickup all the time so the car is taking up precious space in the garage and precious capital that should be in my bank account. I bought it new in ’94, so it’s not old enough to be vintage yet. By the time it’s old enough to be worth anything the world will have long since run out of gasoline.
    You don’t have a garage? in Michigan? You just pull it into the snow cave in the winter?

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