Is this thing on?

Haven’t done this in a little bit so I’ll make it a quickie just to get my feet wet.

Somewhere in early June, I got in a bit of a thing with my internet provider. I think it went something like this: I forgot to pay my broadband bill (which is also my cable provider) in April. The total for my internet and cable for a month was like, oh… $100. So that means the May bill comes and the total is for like $199 and something cents. It’s a pretty eye opening number. I never watch much TV so the cable part of it always sort of eats at me andwhen you put a couple of those months together it turns into a big bill. So the this one is due about the 23rd or 24th of May. I write out the check,  jam it into the envelope and aim to get it into the mailstream a week ahead of time. What I actually do is leave it sitting in the console of my truck and gradually bury it under unused BK napkins and golf scorecards. So it gets to be about Memorial Day weekend and I find it while rifling through the truck. Naturally nothing is going anywhere till the day after Memorial Day so that’s when I get it in the mail. This means it’s already late again. So I’m irritated at making myself pay another pittance of a late fee they will assess on the next bill but at least am secure in knowing I paid it. Somewhere around the 5th, 6th or 7th of June I crawl out of bed and to the computer to check my email. Up comes some screen saying I need to contact Comcast to upload something to my computer. I attempt to do this but am given a screen that tells me to please contact Comcast support at some telephone number. The person on the other end of the line tells me my account has been suspended for non-payment. I know snail mail can be slow, but I sent the MF’er out almost 2 weeks earlier so it ought to be there.  Of course for some reason they’d only suspended my internet service but were happily pumping the cable into my house. I don’t how that’s possible from the technical side but that’s what was going on. I wasn’t thrilled but the phone contact assured me she could turn the internet back on for me. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered reading a terms of service agreement that said “should service be suspended, a $50 charge would be applied for resumption of service”.  It was then that I pulled the plug. I said fuck it, let’s just go ahead and put an end to the whole thing. Send somebody to unhook me and send me a final bill and we’ll call it a day. It got kind of silent on the other end. And then she says my final balance will be for $160 something and they’d send a bill saying that. So the man came and unhooked it all and then I got a check for $30 something in the mail as what was leftover after my original check had arrived (which must have damn near happened the day I cancelled the account). Anyway I went cold turkey on the ISP for about 7 weeks here at home. I have some limited web usage and can check email through my cell phone so I wasn’t completely isolated. And a short time ago I got a DSL line hooked up from the phone company. They actually had to come and hook me up as I haven’t had a home phone in years and the terminal on the back of the house needed to be updated. I think it had the Illinois Bell logo on it and that company hasn’t operated for several years either. Now I’m happily surfing the web and watching Netflix movies on my computer. I’ve even been doing a little running. I’ll get to that another time. Adios!


  1. Missed you. No YouTube videos showing me how to do things. 🙂

  2. I thought you were trapped in a cave somewhere drinking your own bodily fluids. I’m glad you’re okay, but I am surprised that you don’t conduct all of your banking online.

    However if you had and you ran into this problem with no internet service, online banking would have been of no use to you. But now that you’re up and running again you should consider it.

    You can set that cable payment to automatically go out electronically each month without thinking about it. And if you did that, I wouldn’t have to wonder if you were losing your mind in a cave.

    Yes. If you wondering, it is all about me.

    • Okay, I know you haven’t done this in a while and that’s cool but you need to reply to the comments.

      It’s a fun way to interact. Uh, it encourages comments.

      • Are just not sleeping at all now?

        • Because of the time stamp there? Your time is off dude, unless we’re both physically living on the East Coast but writing on West Coast time.

          It’s actually 6:37 am EST time right now, but your stamp is set to three hours earlier. Check out my time stamp on this reply.

          It will probably say 3:37 am.

          But to answer the original question, yeah I’m actually sleeping quite well these days and I don’t even have to take a sleeping pill. Thanks for asking!

          • Dammit, the time stamp is now two hours behind. I guess my head is in Colorado, not California.

  3. what i like about cable internet is that it is almost immune to electrical noise which always degrades DSL lines ::”

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