Sticky cows

I stopped at County Market on the way home from work Friday morning. They had this ice cream by Prairie Farms called “Cows-Moo-Politan”. It’s chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream with little milk chocolate moo cows strewn throughout. I thought it sounded pretty good so I picked up a carton. Last night about 10 I was thinking I better go eat a big bunch of that stuff. So I opened the freezer door and it wasn’t there. What the fuck? I look at the counter and there it still sat. I’d put the cold stuff in the fridge but left the ice cream on the counter. It wasn’t running all over the counter because I’d had a stack of dish towels sitting on the counter right beside the fridge. They had pretty much soaked up all the ice cream. So what I had left was an unopened carton of ice cream with nothing but what were no doubt very sticky little milk chocolate cows inside. Bastards!


  1. Ouch, that is bogus. That would suck it big time. But I suppose you saved the calories, right?

    Were those little milk chocolate cows salvageable? Because I would have eaten them with gusto out of defiance.

    • I thought since they’d been sitting in room temperature cream for several hours it wouldn’t be a good idea to eat them. I did pick up another carton at the store Sunday and hope to dig into it Tuesday.

      • What the hell kind of binge eater are you? I would have eaten them without thinking twice.

        And I have to say I’m impressed with your self-restraint. You bought a new carton on Sunday and won’t try it until Tuesday? Wow. I guess men are from Mars…

  2. So, are you alive? Dead? Half-dead? Half alive depending on how you view things?

    You must be hanging out some where…

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