Shortly after my last post the old PC croaked. There’s a bunch of pictures on there I wasn’t smart enough to back up on CD so hopefully I’ll figure a way to extract them. I blew the dust off my even older one in the closet and booted it up to see what was the matter with it besides just being slow. It seemed to have some programs not functioning properly. Since there was no data or files on it I was a afraid of losing, I hit the old system restore option upon the next restart. Miraculously it all came to life. It was slow but it worked. I needed to run a CD with some startup software for my local broadband company on it and popped it in. The CD player didn’t work. Oh, yeah! Forgot aboput that one. Pulled an external CD player/recorder out of the closet, hooked it up and loaded it up. Voila, surfing the internet at not a terrible speed. It surfs pretty well but if you try to watch a video while an instant messenger is on it’s just a little too much for it to take. I did a quick perusal of memory warehouses to get the best deal I could find on a RAM chip upgrade. It said I could upgrade to 2Gs from the current 250mgs. Price wasn’t awful so count me in. I then headed for the  Twin Galaxies website to download a program for recording and reporting MAME video games scores. Yes, I’m one of those geeky middle age bastards that does that. I then went to search for zipped ROMS to play on my MAME player.
Somewhere during my searching I must have run across something bad. A little balloon comes out of the corner of the screen announcing something about an anti-spyware 2009 program detecting that there was potentially some malicious software inhabiting my computer. Uh-oh!
I suddenly realized that in my haste to get my ridiculous game playing up and running again, I hadn’t loaded any anti-virus program and in fact the notice I’d just gotten was itself spyware already attaching itself to things. So I go to Mcafee where I’ve got an account paid up til the fall and download the motherload of things hoping it wasn’t too late. This is where I find out how slow the computer really is. Once it’s finally done downloading I commence the running of the first scan. A quick scan. It takes forever because something already has it’s tentacles wrapped around me. That first quick scan shows 105 items of possibly nasty things. So we go on like this for a couple days. The antivirus is killing and quarantining things as fast as it can but the virus has it pretty good. My Windows XP is pretty much completely quarantined and non-functioning. I can surf the internet on it just fine but can’t save or run programs because everything else is infected and under house arrest. When it boots up it has no start page and the only way to navigate it is by hitting the ctrl+alt+delte keys, bringing up the task manager and telling it what I want to do. Once I get on the internet some really pitiful version of internet explorer opens and it cruises around pretty well. Now if I had a recovery disk for the thing I could clean it completely and reload it all, BUT, this was an H-P made when they just partitioned the hard drive and put it all on the same infected box. So… sucks to be me.

I bit the bullet and got a new tower from NewEgg. I had stopped into Best Buy and found a reasonably inexpensive replacement. I put it in a shopping cart and proceded to the cash registers. However, some little blue shirted guy told me I needed to go check it out at the Geek Squad desk because they could answer ALL my questions. I said I didn’t have any questions but just wanted to pay for it and get the hell out of there. He told me that was still where I needed to go. So ‘there’ is where I went. You all know where this is going. To the back of the line I go which doesn’t move for a minute, then 2, then 3. After the fifth minute I’m still in the same place and about 9th in line. FUCK THIS SHIT! I back my way back out of line as there is 3 more people behind me now, make sure I make eye contact with the little cocksucker that sent me there and said, “Now that’s just fucking asinine!” That will be the last tine I go through the doors at that place. I’m guessing the whole idea of sending you to a particlular line is to sell you some kind of service contract to go along with it. I don’t know if they think that because the Circuit City stores have all closed they have us by the shorthairs or what, but they can suck my fuckstick on that one.
Anyway, new tower is up and running. It has Windows Vista. I’m not thrilled with it but it’s better than nothing…maybe.
Still haven’t run. Went back to the Doc a 3rd time around the 9th. Throat was still sore. He seemed to think some red bumps on the back of my throat were consistent with sinus drainage. Prescribed some generic flo-nase to theoretically dry me up and relieve whatever was happening with the thoat. I’m still not right. I’m going to have to go back again I’m afraid.
In lighter news, a guy at work dropped his Ipod in the toilet stool at work as he was taking a sit. As he gingerly stood up in hopes of retrieving it, the auto-flush took over and whisked it away. I’m sure it wouldn’t have worked after the dousing anyway but it was funny seeing him come back out of the bathroom wearing  just his headphones unattached to anything.

That’s all I got.


 the currently non-running man

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  1. All of that sucks it, but my kids and I got a good old laugh out of the co-worker who dumped his iPod. That got big laughs as did the idea of him walking out with just a pair of ear phones.


    p.s I always learn new words/phrases from you. Never heard of a fuckstick before. It sounds a tad redundant, but whatev.

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