The last time I was here I’d been on vacation and was coming off a really sweet cold and hadn’t been running. I went back to work for 1 day, got about 6 hours sleep and woke up to bright red eyes, green snot and my eyes glued shut with the green juice. That was a pretty spectacular one day regression. Fortunately I had the clarity of mind to save the image for you good people.

You’re welcome!

So a trip back to the doctor’s office the following day brought a battery of antibiotics for an infection. By Thursday I was almost human again and went back to work. Though I feel considerably better I still ain’t quite right. I still haven’t been for a run.

The innaugural Illinois Marathon is this weekend. I’d originally signed up for the half marathon. As it’s going to be run right here in my own community I wanted to do it for sure. As of right now my participation seems unlikely.

I’d also signed up for a 25K in Grand Rapids in early May. At this point my spring schedule has kind of been kicked right between testes. I’m a little disappointed.