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after I railed about SBC Yahoo DSL’s poor customer support in the last entry, I should at least come back and add that they are now called AT&T and they use the Yahoo browser. I’m not sure what the deal is that company changing names constantly. I think when I used it, it was called SBC and I had a Yahoo email. When a friend of mine signed up with it about a year and a half or so ago, they gave him an email address at, now it’s
And when complications did arise in my self-installation, (and you knew they would), I was prompted by the setup to call a support number that was very much in service and was assisted by a woman who was absolutely excellent and very patient with somebody (me) who is not always very patient. So though they had me exasperated last week, this week they soothed my savage beast. And dear old Mom’s got a good connection which is what it was really all about anyway.
And on we go quickly to my latest little project. I’d started several plant seeds here in the last couple weeks so when the warm weather got here, I could really go out and lay one on that backyard. I’ve never messed with them much because I always take a spring golf trip and I knew there’d be a time in March or April when I wouldn’t be around to water them for 9 or 10 days and I didn’t want to leave the furnace going at full blast while I was gone.
So this year I thought, well… what if I get some of those little water pellets and mixed them in with the potting soil? And what if I spread them out on a table in a south facing room? And what if I set up some lights on a timer? And what if I put them in a small room that I can heat with a small heater on a thermostat and not heat the whole house while I was gone?
As I’m typing this a better question just came to me. Why don’t I just wait til I’m back from the trip to plant the seeds since there will still be 6 or 7 weeks left before our projected last frost anyway? Well maybe that’s what I’ll do next year because I’ve already got a few things in this year.
Anyway, I moved all the little plantings into my computer room last night before bed, which was like 4 or 5 hours ago. Some I had planted a couple weeks ago and some just a couple days ago. I’ve got 5 or 6 little plants that have broken the soil just since I went to sleep. And I mean sleep to me is a 3 hour nap, so that’s pretty amazing. I’ll flip a couple quick pics up here, zeroing in on the new life at the end.




I’m leaving tomorrow so hopefully they’ll all still be alive when I get back. If not, I’m out about $5 worth of seeds. Later!

and an add on for the C-girl


  1. All that talk of special procedures to water and heat your little plantlings make me wonder WHAT YOU GROWIN’, dude???? s x

    • Nothing earth shattering or smokable. The flat closest to the camera in that first pic is snap peas. They vine and flower and my intent is to plant them around the perimeter of my chain link fence. And of course they’re edible so hopefully they’ll do well. The taller ones behind those are Dill’s Atlantic Giant Pumpkins. I’ll just keep a couple of those myself and keep whichever one looks the most promising once a great pumpkin shows itself, the others I’m supposed to be giving away if they live. What I will do with a 300lb. pumpkin is beyond me. I just wanted to see what it was like to grow one. The newer trays have cucumbers, peppers, cosmos, thumbergia, a couple varieties of morning glories and some hairy liatris from some seeds I harvested from a perrenial I already have going. Usually the liatiris kind of throw seeds and come up everywhere, but for some reason this one hasn’t and it’s a little bit different from the others so I’d hoped to grow a few extras. I kind of have my doubts about that one.

  2. Um, wow. That’s a lot of planning and planting.

    There are pellets that contain water now? Wow.

    • They have these little dehydrated granules that absorb water like a sponge. You mix them in with your soil so it doesn’t have to be watered as much. This is sort of my maiden voyage with them so we’ll see how well I foul it up. I’m concocting a demo video at the moment that I’ll slap up in a couple hours.

    • …or less than a couple hours.

  3. Some of those seedlings look a little leggy, like they aren’t getting enough light.

  4. Those kind of leggy ones are the pumpkins and I have a feeling they may be very vinelike anyway. Since this is my first attempt at not killing pumpkin seeds I can’t say for sure. I just got back from the golf trip and there seems to have been a bit of a light snafu while I was gone. I’ll post a pic of what not getting enough light really looks like in the next entry.

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