And then there was 2009

January is just a month to be survived if you’re trying to do anything outside. My only real running goal for this year was to try and be a little more active than last year. I don’t ask for much, and with my track record that’s a good thing. By my calculations I ran 15 times in January and averaged just about 4 miles a run. Not earth shattering, but if I can make it out in the worst month of the year, the rest is a piece of cake.

December’s ice storms gave way to January’s cold and snow which was consederably more pleasant to run in. It’s just so peaceful to go out for a run in the prelight hours with a fresh snow. Everything is so quiet. Just you and the sound of snow crunching beneath your sneakers. And it does seem to crunch once the temps are cold enough, like maybe 15 or less. That brings me to something else. Last winter I was taping the toes of my shoes once it got below 15 for a little more protection than the mesh of the shoes provided. That worked just fine but the tape wore off or needed to be pulled off when it got just a little bit warmer or it was too warm. Then of course I’d have to retape. It wasn’t a big deal. Just kind of a pain in the ass. Anyway it suddenly occured to me to just get a pair of those slipon rubber overshoes. They worked PERFECTLY! And they peel off easily when you don’t need them. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. They also keep your feet dry when you’re out in more than just an inch or 2 of snow as well. I’m the only one I’ve ever seen wearing them but that’s probably because they don’t look cool. I’m a function over form guy. They work and that’s all that counts.

I mentioned in the last post that I intended to get out of Virginia in my transcontinental cyber-journey this year. What I didn’t realize was that I had probably done it maybe a week prior but hadn’t been checking my progress. According to their map I’m now in Kentucky. It says I’m now 0.92 miles from Lookout, KY.


and I’ve only got about 7 more years to go…



just a quick add on here for AWK’s question

and then again for the Cgirl. One shoe unprotected, the other condomized.



  1. Can I ask a dumb question? Why are you taping the toe of your shoe? Is it for traction on ice and snow? Just wondering. I don’t run, but I do walk in snow. Any ideas would be welcome.

    • I just did it to keep warm but now I have shoe rubbers. I left you a little video update to show you what the toes of these shoes are like.

  2. I’d like to see a snap of the running shoe with the protective prophylactic, if possible. Just curious.

    Glad to see you made it to Kentucky! If you hear banjos, watch your back. And don’t pick up the soap.

  3. done and done!

  4. Kudos on the photo and your site in the background.

    At first I thought you were standing on the monitor (a tad spatially-challenged over here, but I know you won’t hold it against me.) And I also enjoy the contrast of bare vs. protected.

    Way to serve your clientele. It’s like Burger King over here!

    • Well I’ve only got like 2 readers, so I better give them service with a smile.


  5. Wow, I’ve never had anyone make a video reply to me. I’m sure you have more than two readers. I’m bipolar, so that’s at least two right there. Incidentally, I think you asked if I was Jewish. No. Its just that 98% of my artist friends here in NY are Jewish. I’m Irish Catholic, although light on the Catholic part.

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