A belated 2008 recap

When I said “See you in 2009” at the end of my last post, I kind of figured it would be in about a week. However, with my great ability to procrastinate, I was able to push it about 5 weeks deeper into the year. I got skills, man!
We’ll start with a little blurb in the last post. I’d made mention of seeing the cow in the brush and mistaking it for a bear. It was of course crazy because there aren’t any bears roaming the farmlands south of I-80. This past week a black bear was actually captured near a little farm town called Neponset, south of I-80. That’s only about 80 miles from where I was.

Mooing bears!

Maybe it wouldn’t have been as far-fetched as I’d thought to see one.

Ok! February 2008 brought my first half marathon. It was also my only half marathon. I sort of did a sleepwalk in the summer months with a twice or thrice weekly half hour run just to maintain a little fitness.

I picked it up just a little in the fall and actually logged some decent mileage (for me) before the end of the year. I staggered through an 8k and a 10k before a spectacularly poor (even by my standards) performance at a 10 miler in Alton. This was followed shortly thereafter by what will now forever be known as the “mooing bear” incident at Hudson,IL.

My total mileage for the year was 499.6 miles. Had I actually been watching the total I’d have run an extra .4 miles, just so I could say I ran 500 miles. That leaves my cyber-transcontinental journey still in Virginia somewhere. Some time this year, I WILL get out of Virginia. (I hope!)

December was filled with ice and freezing rain and more ice and freezing fog. I’ve never seen so much ice. Fortunately, it just snowed in January. That’s a whole lot easier to deal with. I’ve got a couple pics I took with my cell phone on a run at Allerton Park the day after Christmas. It’s about a 3.5 mile round trip from the parking lot at the main house to the statue of The Sunsinger. It was absolutely solid ice all the way out. I had the screws on my shoes so I had good bite, but I was the lone gunman out there that day. This was another day with a freezing fog.
The first pic just shows the condition of the road.


The second pic shows the end of the road leading to a circle drive around the statue. This section of road is only a 10th of a mile from the statue but from here no statue seems to exist.


Lastly, the The Sunsinger in view, arms outstretched, asking God “Where the fuck is the sun already?”


That’s kind of what I was thinking.

I’ll be back sometime in the next week or so with another post. I swear! Oh, yeah… I almost forgot. Someone, who shall remain nameless, but whose name rhymes with ‘cardogirl’ , toetagged my blog and sent it’s lifeless remains to some WordPress mausoleum.

Over my dead body

Thanks alot, betch!!!


  1. I’m sure there’s someway to leave links here that my brain isn’t able to figure out at the moment. My apologies!

  2. ok, mission accomplished! What the Scarecrow said when he got his brain.

  3. That is so harsh being four-tenths of a mile short of hitting 500 miles last year. That officially bites it.

    And, it looks like your blog just needed a bag of saline to get you out ICU. Now add some Vitamin C, post a little more often and I think you’ll be on the road to recovery!

    Well done!

  4. Thanks! I think I’m going to need some of that Vitamin C myself. I seem to be coming down with the first cold of the season today. I’d hoped maybe I’d make it through the whole winter without one.

  5. What terrible running conditions. I think you should tack on that extra .4 miles just for being a good sport and not falling on the ice, thus rendering yourself unable to run at all.

  6. Thanks for your generosity on the miles. I must admit I considered just rounding it up to make a nice even number. If I’d just put forth a little more effort during the year it wouldn’t have been an issue. And they say “to thine own self be true”. Maybe it’ll serve as an extra motivator in 2009.

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