Christmas 2008

Just a little update here. The last couple weeks have been a pretty steady blast of wind, cold and freezing rain. The parking lots and secondary streets are all skating rinks.
I’ve run twice in the last 2 weeks. One of those runs was an 8k at a forest preserve north of Bloomington. It was a cloudy, windy yet reasonably warm (mid 30s) day. It was just warm enough to thaw the surface of the trails we ran on so they were a muddy, slickery kind of mess. The wind was a steady 30 gusting to 40. It was billed as a run in nature amongst all the little animals. All the little anmals were taking shelter out of the wind because I didn’t see a damn thing. I guess that’s not strictly true. Leaving the park I saw a great black beast alongside the road in the brush. My first thought was, “My god! Do we have bears in central Illinois?” Imagine my disappointment when the beast looked up and went “Moooooooo!!!” as I drove by. It was a black angus from a neighboring farm that had somehow escaped it’s pasture.
Shortly after my last post I got a call from the director of the 10K Turkey Trot I staggered through in late November. That was the race I’d left with the timing chip still tied into my shoelaces. Apparently that hadn’t affected their ability to give me a time. Somehow I was third in my age group in that run and had a trophy waiting for me at the front desk of a local recreation center. I can only conclude that there were a mere 3 people in my age group if I got 3rd place. Evertheness, I got this spectaularly cheesy little plastic thing to commemorate my accomplishment.


It’s likely to be the only thing I ever get doing this so I’ll cherish it as if it were solid gold.
Other than that, I survived the run up to and including another Christmas. Every Christmas brings the same questions. “What do you want for Christmas?” I’ve got everything I want so I’m forced to come up with something because just saying I don’t want anything doesn’t work. So I usually just try to come up with things I’m likely to buy for myself in the next month anyway. That’s not always much fun but at least it’s not more unnecessary crap to lay around the house. So this year I said I wanted some kind of scarf to wrap around me on those really cold running days, a new broom so I could relegate the old one to the garage and get rid of what was left of the the broom in the garage and, lastly, some ink for my computer printer. There’s nothing fun about those things but they are what I would probably be buying for myself shortly. However, maybe a broom can be fun.
Dear old Mom is still pretty crafty when it comes to wrapping presents. That Santa face is actually a hat. That means when I go for on of those Jingle Bell runs next winter I’ll have a bit of a costume to wear for a little extra spirit. Anyway, Christmas is likely over for all who will be reading this. I hope it was a good one. See you in 2009!

p.s. I got this video from my buddy Mark. His daughter Katie cracks me up. I posted it on Youtube and hopefully the link will embed here. I wasn’t able to load the video itself on here. If it doesn’t work I’m going to need somebody with a big giant techno-brain to help me.


  1. Yeah, perhaps I wouldn’t be so hard-pressed to win something with a turkey on it. Not unless its like some cool ghetto turkey with some gold bling who is wearing his baseball cap backwards

  2. I like how Lauren is so understated in the video. Is she the oldest kid or the wife. Because she looks comatose back there by the tree.

    And there must be something about the name Katie, because my Katie is pretty similar to this Katie. But she’d add bunny ears to her sister while sticking her tongue out.

    Happy Holidays and snaps to you mom for making a broom look fun and interesting!

  3. Lauren’s the oldest and she’s just a little more reserved than the other 2.

  4. I must have forgotten to include:

    “You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, or distribute any portion of the video contents without the prior express written consent of Mark.”

  5. Congrats on the run!! You ought to get a trophy just for making the run. Finishing third is a great accomplishment.

  6. John said he thought it would be ok about the video. I gave him back his insulin after he gave me the go ahead.

  7. Thanks, Brian! I think they were just so happy to get their timing chip that they felt obligated or something.

  8. Dude, I had to place your blog in the ICU. Check it out on my link above. WordPress does not like it when I put links in your comment box.

    And let me know if you have any blogs you need to send to the morgue.

  9. If we don’t post, do we not bleed? I am not an animal!!!

  10. (laughs) You gotta love the Sein!

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