Thanksgiving quickie

I was able to drag my lazy ass out of bed last Saturday.

34th annual Turkey Trot 5K & 10K

Where: Decatur,IL

Date: November 22, 2008

Time: 9am

Weather conditions: overcast, breezy, temp 24

surface: asphalt roads and bike paths of Fairview Park

Decided to push myself through a 10K for the hell of it. It’s longer

than I’d run in awhile but seem doable. I hadn’t pre-registered for

this run, so I got there early enough to get signed in and pick up a

timing chip and bib number. It felt mmm…pretty fuckin chilly. I got

in about a half mile jog just to get my blood flowing and made my way

to the starting line. There was kind of a wide, almost four lane

road, mob at the the start. I asked the guy beside me if he could see

a timing device ahead of us. I wasn’t sure how we were all going to

be funneling into what is usually a pretty narrow area to trip our

timers. He said maybe they were just going to credit us all with the

same start and then just record the finish. That’s what they did. I

ate a pretty big stagger on that one. It was of no real concern since

I was just there for the run and to test myself a little. Having said

that it’s always in the back of your mind what your last time in that

distance was. Without going back and looking through this journal,

I’m going to say it was 1 hour and some seconds.

I settled into a comfortable jog fairly quickly and put it in auto

pilot. I cruised along fairly easily. The first 4 miles were in a

river valley with a turn around at about the 3 mile mark. The next

mile and a half retraced the original course before turning up a

pretty spectacular hill. The hill seem to last forever but was

probably only about a three quarters of a mile. After the crest of

the hill there was a slight downhill to a flat and then the finish.

The hill ate me up. I went through the finish with my tongue hanging

out and panting like a dog. I wasn’t the last one across the line but

there weren’t many behind me. I think most of the peple ran the 5K.

There were several local high school teams there and they were all

doing the 5K. It was way more difficult than I’d anticipated. I kind

of gathered myself together and trudged up the hill to the main

pavillion where the food was being dished out. I grabbed one of

everything and a couple of Gatorades and wandered to the truck. I

peeled out of the wet shirts I had on and into a dry one. Those dry

shirts always feel so good. As I was pulling out of the parking lot,

though I’d long since stopped panting and my pulse was back to

normal, I was whipped. I’d had big plans to go do that run and then

come home and pick up all the leaves in my yard and finish taking

down what little garden trash I had left. Before I got out of Decatur

I already knew the rest of my day was going to consist of pizza, beer

and a lounge chair in front of a TV playing college football all day.

When I got home I found, to my dismay, that I’d neglected to remove

the timing chip from my shoe. It was still wound through the laces.

That means I had no official time. Normally there is somebody at the

finish taking those chips. I’m guessing because of the cold they were

taking them in a heated room at the pavillion rather than sitting

there in the cold doing that. I can’t fault them for that. My brain

just wasn’t functioning quite right when I finished. I think the time

showing on the clock was at 1:03 and change when I was approaching so

it’s no huge loss getting no official time. It just sort of pisses me

off. I mailed the chip back to them on Monday. It was too far to just

turn around and drive it back.

Before I’d run that thing I’d already signed up for a 10 miler in

Alton along the Mississippi River this Saturday. It was a pretty

cheap fee. If I decide it might be too much for me to handle I won’t

be out much if I blow it off.

While I ponder that, you all have a good Thanksgiving.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog. I also ran this turkey trot in Decatur. That sucks about the chip and not having a time. Good luck on you 10 miler!

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