…and I lived to tell about it


Red Eye Run 8K

Where: Joliet,IL

Date: November 16th, 2008

time: 7am

weather conditions: overcast, 10 to 12 mph breeze, slight spit of snow, temp 29

surface: asphalt and concrete – the streets of Joliet

The overnight skies remained cloudy so the morning temp wasn’t as cool as expected. The breeze still made for a fairly brisk dawn. The winter temps have come on fairly quickly and I haven’t quite acclimated to them yet. It might have taken a mile and a half before I broke a sweat.
This was the first year for this event. They had plenty of volunteers. Lots of the local constabulary manned the intersections for traffic control. For reasons unclear there were actually a couple of bands playing along the route… at 7 in the morning…with below freezing temps. I apreciate the effort but didn’t really understand it. A blonde woman in a 3/4 length winter coat, wailing out a pretty impressive cover of Heart’s “Barracuda” to our left. On the right, a tattooed man in his boxers and nothing else, standing in the cold listening after he’d picked up his morning copy of the Chicago Tribune from the curb. Apparently oblivious to the chill. Ahhhhh… Sundays in Joliet! The race started outside and finished inside Joliet Municipal Stadium. Another band was playing there.

As per usual I lined up at the back of the pack to stay out of the rabbits’ way. My only real intention was to get my feet wet in an actual event again since it had been so long. Settled into a nice slow pace early on and road it all the way around.
The last mile and a half was aginst the breeze but it all went as well as I could have hoped. Never had to stop and walk. I did have some guy who looked to be about 75 pass me at about the 3 mile mark. More power to him! I had no real juice for a big push at the end but wasn’t just exhausted, so that’s always a minor victory for me. I crossed the line in something slightly less than 53 minutes.

Lots of breakfast type food at the finish along with water, juice, beer, bloody marys or whatever you felt the need for. I grabbed a water, juice, banana and a couple of those chocolate Snicker’s bars with the high protein and fiber. With the cold temperatures they were rock hard but they were pretty tasty. It was a good run and I’d do that one again.

About 9am this morning, which is about 8+ hours from now, there’s a 10K Thanksgiving run in Decatur. If I can get my lazy ass out of bed and get over there I’ll give that one a whirl, just to push my long weekend run out a little bit. It’s always a little easier for me to do the longer runs with a throng of people about instead of slogging them by myself.
It’s just after midnight here and the local temp is 14 so it may be a cool one in the morning. We’ll see!

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