November post

It’s amazing how easily I lapse out of posting here.

I just dreamt I walked out my front door to get my mail. There was a line of school children about a block long in single file in front of my house. They were allowed to investigate, a couple at a time, an archaelogical dig around the maple tree in my front yard. I plucked the mail from my mailbox and looked upon the dig with only enough interest to see that it was taking place. Shortly after returning to the house, there was a knock at the door. One of the adults chaperoning the children was very enthusiastic about a find that had just been made in my front yard. He said it was some kind of ancient submarine. I was generally irritated to be dragged away from my TV watching to see this but went anyway. There, laying in my front yard was a 20ft long kayak. 6 seats in the back. 3 slightly wider seats in the front. I can only guess that the seats in the front were first class. I mentioned to the adult it wasn’t actually a submarine. He was still amazed by it’s great age. I pointed out the Busch beer cans under the rear seat. They were aluminum cans. That meant it was considerably younger than me. There was no excavation in the yard where this kayak could have been unearthed from. Then I awoke, still kind of shaking my head.

Red Eye 8k in Joliet,IL on Sunday morning. This will finally be the first actual running thing I’ve been to since the half marathon last February. It’s at 7am and supposed to be considerably below freezing. Should be interesting.

Just a quick add on. I just noticed that I’m really only posting about once a month, and not even that in September. I suck even worse than I thought. (And I was thinking mucho sucko)


  1. My goodness! Such a nice sane and rational dream!

  2. I love how the other guy was so jazzed about the archeological find and you were like, Dude there are beer cans under the seat. It’s not even a submarine.

    I guess you’re a realist.

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