I’m not sure I even remember how this works, but that ain’t gonna stop me.
It’s a rainy fall evening and the second presidential debate is about an hour away. Please God, let this crap end!
The summer has gone and the leaves are changing color. Many rounds of golf have been played and the cool mornings are perfect for running. Maybe I should push ahead with this again. My running since last May has been limited to 2 or 3 times a week at 30 minutes a shot.
Not because it’s been too hot or I haven’t had enough time. I’m just an unrepentant lazy bastard.

My transcontinental journey is still in Virginia.

At this rate I may not be out of the state before 2009 rolls around.
I’ve got the next 2 weeks off for my usual fall traipsing. I’m a little too poor for traipsing right now so I’ll spend most of the time cleaning out the garden, playing golf, riding the bike and maybe even running.
Oh yeah, the bike.

About a month ago I bought a little Suzuki S40 on ebay. It’s big enough to get me around town and down the highway if necessary but small enough to get good gas mileage and be pretty maneuverable. When I took that motorcycle saftey course in July I kind of fucked myself. When it came time to choose our course provided motorcycle, I walked to the bike that had the tallest saddle. I’m not a giant of a man but I do have pretty long legs. (36 inch inseam) The bike I sat on was a Yamaha TW 200. However, the foot pegs on this thing were directly under the saddle and the bike had about a 10 inch ground clearance. This means I had my feet tucked up underneath my ass cheeks. If I was only going to be on it for a couple minutes, that would have been cool. The class was taught in 4 sessions. It was supposed to be a little book time, a little bike time, a little book time…you get the picture. The first class had thunderstorms all day which meant they didn’t let us out there. Rain is one thing, a dozen people with hunks of metal between their legs in a large open parking lot with thunderbolts all around is something else. So the second day was beautiful and we spent the whole class, 5 hours, on the bikes. The following morning, I pretty much couldn’t walk. I had a week to recover before the following weekend’s classes. The following weeknd was more of the same kind of torture. It was a valuable lesson on what kind of a bike I should never have. I had to have something where I could get my legs out from under me. So, I got myself a little cruiser.

Anyway, Maybe I can get myself out of bed early enough next weekend to do a 5k or something. I’d say there’s almost an 80% chance I’ll get it done.

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  1. Hehe cool bike dude, I can’t wait to get a lil cruiser meself… I am WAYY too tall for a sport bike. Smash \\m/

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