The summer flies by

I finished my first weekend of motocycle training today. I’ve got a couple of 5 hour sessions next weekend and hopefully I’ll be able to get my license. I must have stalled that sonuvabitch 50 times today. It got better after the first couple hours, but there was a couple of times I about quit the damn thing altogether. It’s been 4 hours since the end of class and I’m still kinda pissed. Did I mention I’m kinda pissed?

Have a nice day!



  1. Joe I was in the middle of my own comment to you back at my pad saying I was sure you were dead. Then I had to stop the comment and come over here to say, What the Hell, dude? Where have you been?

    And then I read you are learning to RIDE A MOTORCYCLE?! A DEATH trap on two wheels? Oy vey.

    Good luck with all of that. (Please don’t do it). I’m sure you’ll have fun. (It’s not worth it). So have fun with all that.

  2. p.s. You sounded kind of pissed. How did that all work out for you?

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