Just to post something

Ran 3 times the past week including a long run of 4 miles on Sunday. Going to increase it to 5 this coming Sunday and so on and so on…
I didn’t do anthing that would resemble crosstraining this past week. I’ve been on vacation the last 10 days and have walked the golf course 10 times. I’m pretending that is my crosstraining. I pretend good!
The 2-man betterball, not to be confused with the Stepfordtart’s 2-man butterball (you twisted tart), was forgettable. My partner and I managed to foul up on the same holes which isn’t conducive to good results. Oh well!
The following day I tagged along with my buddy to Olympia Fields Country Club for a corporate outing. The course was magnificent. The clubhouse was unbelievable. The men’s locker had an enormous expanse housing 600 lockers, a health club and a barbershop. The paper towels in the bathrooms were way nicer than the towels I have in my house which may say more about my towels than anything. They fed us breakfast, lunch and what they termed fingerfoods after the round. This is the first time I’ve ever seen hunks of prime rib carved onto plates as finger foods. They gave everyone a golf shirt for attending. Within each foursome, a decision was to be made as to which par 3 would be played as a closest to the pin within the group. The prize was a $100 gift certificate in the pro shop. With my $100 gift, (like taking candy from babies)I picked up another golf shirt and a hat to commemorate my experience. I had gladly paid my $125 just to play the course. The rest of it was an unexpected bonus. I’m telling you I lead a charmed existence. Here’s a photo of my group. I’m the one with the blue shafted driver. (you don’t know how many ways that’s the truth)

Since then I’ve mostly just dug holes in my yard and traipsed the midwest playing golf. I did see a sandhill crane on a golf course last Friday morning. It must have been migrating as they’re usually found much further north. Naturally I didn’t have my camera with me. Isn’t that always the way it is?

Got a few days left of vacation to fine tune my garden. It’s grown into a jungle with all the rain we’ve been getting. When I say fine tune it I mean break out the machete and slash my way into it to find out what’s actually in there. Should be fun!


  1. In all honesty, is walking on a golf course *any* kind of exercise? I’ve never been golfing, big surprise, I know.

    I like to tell myself when I take the kid for a 25-minute walk pulling the wagon behind me (roughly 35 lbs.) that I’m sort of cross-training and working off those extra Teddy Grahams I ate at lunch.

    That works in my head, but my thighs haven’t got the memo yet. (The memo stating that it’s really exercise pulling the kid in the wagon.)

  2. I say walking 18 lugging your clubs definitely counts. More importantly, the program I’m in at the Y says it counts. golfing with a cart? Not so much. Besides, I play better when walking – don’t you?

  3. Not to take the comments hostage Joe but I have a question for Brian: do you use FitLinxx, perchance, at the Y?

  4. I noticed the guy on your right has a longer shaft that you.
    I think they call him sody-pop.

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