a quickie

Ran a couple times this week. Going to try to get out today and Sunday. I’ve got the next 2 weeks off so I’m going to try to get back into the cross-training on the off days too. I’ve got to start putting the death march on this project or it will never get done.

Playing in a 2-man betterball this weekend with one of the guys from work. Hopefully the rain will subside for a little bit. It feels like the rain followed me back from Myrtle Beach and hasn’t quit since.

Monday I’m tagging along with a buddy of mine to famed Olympia Fields Country Club. He runs a little savings&loan and is attending some short program from the Federal Home Loan people followed by food, golf, food and cocktails. He’s allowed to bring a guest if the guest is willing to cough up the fee. The fee is $125. I couldn’t play that course that cheap even if I knew somebody swanky enough to get me on it. When they’re going to feed me a couple times as well…I’m in.

I believe my economic stimulus check should be in the mail at the end of this week. I just got back my refund from the state and federal IRS. Between the checks I should have just enough to pay the first installment of this year’s real estate taxes. The government giveth, the government taketh away.

That’s all!

p.s. It can just fucking warm up anytime now.


  1. Heehee! I read that as “2-man BUTTERball”. It sounded a whole lot more fun than some lousy old golf game. When I was with my first husband we just used to call it “SwishFuck”, cos thats how he played for years and years: “Swish”….”Fuck!”,,,,,”Swish”….”Fuck” etc etc until he actually hit the damn ball. He DID get better in the end (I think he plays of 6 now), but its still a stupid game. So there. s x

  2. Wow, it would cost *more* than $125 to get in there even if you knew someone?! That’s just plain crazy, dude! Do you know how many donuts you could buy with $125?

    Well, I don’t either.

    But I bet it would be a lot. At least 100. Damn, a donut sounds good right now. Oooh, maybe I’ll take the kids to Dunkin Donuts after school.

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to get all stream of consciousness on you. Leaving now.

  3. But not before I tell you that I really like those quilting gravatars (is that what those little graphics are called?) that appear when I leave a comment. Those are sweet!

    I wonder if mine will look the same now that I’ve left two comments. You know if it’s different I’m going to have to leave a third comment just to see what comes up. If it’s the same, I swear I really will leave this time.

  4. Ah the sanguine position that sports maketh a man… heh. And when the fuck am I gettin on your blogroll, bro? heh. PPTM \\m/

  5. And this quilt shit sucks. PTTM

  6. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Unrepentantly.

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