Back at it

So I went out and ran a couple times last week. The first 10 minutes of the first day out were pretty difficult but then I seemed to settle into it. I actually felt pretty good towards the end of that first run. I felt fine the entire second run. Many weeks ago I’d signed up to run a half marathon in Cincinnati this weekend. I actually felt good enough to take a stab at it in spite of the layoff. As the weekend approached the weather forecast looked good. No icy rain this time like the last race had. A couple of the characters called Friday to see if I wanted to play golf Sunday. I’d already paid my fee to do that race. So there was a judgement call to make. Go to Cinci Saturday, spend 125 bucks on a hotel and 70 more in gas or stay local and play golf on a sunny afternoon.
I shot 78 at Willow Pond.
They got to keep my race fee. There’ll be others.
I took a few garden pics. The voles seem to have left my tulips alone but ate every grape hyacinth in the back half of the yard. (little bastards!)
The battery in my camera seems to have taken it’s last charge but I got a few pics in before it gave it up entirely. I like those new cameras that just take AA batteries you can find anywhere. Here’s a few pics.


  1. Those white bleeding-hearts are gorgeous. The flowers, I mean.

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth when I read about the voles eating the flowers. I barely had time to form the thought, ‘Bastards!’ and there it was, in print.

  3. Nice gardens Joe!

    Nice shooting at Wilow Pond too! Remind me to never golf with you. Only way I’d ever shoot a 78 is to only play 15 -16 holes. On a good day.

    Now go run.

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