still testing

I’m still kind of testing the waters of other blog sites. I like the simplicity of the blogspot. This one seems to be more customizable. (is customizable a word?) At any rate, you will be my guniea pigs. Feel free to squeal!

I have run very little so far this month. I’d like to say it’s because of the crappy weather. The weather HAS been crappy, but I’m just a lazy bastard. I’ve run a total of 12 miles this month. I signed up for an event called the Mountain Goat 15K a couple weekends from now. It proclaims itself as the toughest hill run in Illinois or Indiana. That may or may not mean anything. What’s a hill? I suspect I’ll go into it completely unprepared for it, stagger or crawl through it, depending on which blog I post the results in, and then bitch about how unprepared I was. That seems to be working so far so I’ll just stick with it.

 Next weekend there is a St Patrick’s Day related 5K over in Bloomington. I suspect there will be a green beer chaser following the run. I may go just for the beer.

I’m going to attempt to post a pic of green beer now. Not because none of you knows what green beer looks like. I mostly just want to see how posting an image on this site works.


It appears, at least in my preview, like it worked. We’ll see what the final product looks like.

Party on!


  1. Dude, do your comments work?
    hmmmm…looks sort of like a chalkboard.

  2. How do keep up with all your online persona? What if they all want to blog at once? What are you going to do then? (I don’t even know why I ask these questions cuz you always have a smart ass answer, even if it doesn’t make sense.)

  3. Feel free to RUN all around the internetsphere trying out every single blog platform there is. We don’t mind at all.

    Why am I so damn sassy tonight? Must be time for a Hoegaarden.

  4. I do belive that customizeable is a word…

  5. It’s a word that I spelled wrong. Thanks, Wyatt!

  6. I like the graphic up there of the running legs in silhouette with the watercolors behind it. Also I enjoy a white background with black text so two thumbs up there. I vacillate between feeling it’s fun and annoying chasing you around the internet. It depends which personality is reading that day.

  7. p.s. Did you leave yourself that first comment. And if so, did you refer to yourself as dude? Just askin’ dude.

  8. Oooooh green beer. Squealing as instructed with delight. Like we need more stuff put in beer to qualify it as a festive beverage. Customizable. Customizeable. Hmmmm. Spelling champ says you were right, no “e”. Sorry, Wyatt.

  9. Thank you, Elle! My no spellchecking ass rules!

  10. Hey dude! The googling thing I was referring to is just that on my stats tracker I can see what people have clicked on to get my page to pop up. Usually its some kind of link from another D’land page but occasionally someone has done a google search on some random phrase or other and my blog has popped up in the results. Try Googling “Tom Selleck Naked” or even “pumpy quim” and you should see my page somewhere in the results. Enjoy! s x

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